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Revive, Regenerate, Renew

Through meticulous evaluations, a comprehensive suite of health services tailored natural protocols designed to address a wide range of concerns and empowering you on your journey to optimal well-being, Molly is committed to helping you regain control over your holistic health.
5 Foundational Lab Screenings

FDN-P®s can order over 100 tests but they typically order five foundational lab screenings to start, including the DUTCH Stress & Hormone Panel, Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel, GIMap Stool Test, the MRT Food Sensitivity Panel, and FluidsIQ Histamine/Metabolic Panels, to gather comprehensive data on clients’ health status and identify healing opportunities.

Root Cause Analysis

FDN-P®s prioritize identifying and addressing the upstream causes of illness, focusing on restoring optimal body function by supporting underlying mechanisms rather than simply managing symptoms..

Holistic Approach

FDN-P®s adopt a non-specific, drug-free approach focused on addressing underlying causes rather than merely managing symptoms, utilizing food and lifestyle interventions for holistic wellness.

Extended Intake Forms & Consultations

FDN-P®s offer lengthy intake forms and hour-long appointments, facilitating thorough exploration of client health issues beyond the limitations of typical 15-minute doctor visits.

Biweekly Health Coaching Meetings

FDN-P®s offer biweekly meetings to keep clients on track and troubleshoot any potential issues, questions, concerns or life struggles that get in the way of them completing their protocols.

Remote Accessibility

FDN-P® services are accessible remotely via phone or video calls, providing convenient care from the comfort of clients’ homes, eliminating the need for travel or waiting rooms

Customized Program

FDN-P®s collaborate with clients to create personalized 90-day programs based on lab findings and the DRESS protocol (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress, Supplements), aiming for lasting wellness through tailored interventions.

Supportive Community

FDN-P®s access ongoing support and continuing education through a professional association of thousands of fellow practitioners, ensuring comprehensive care and guidance throughout clients’ health journeys.

Nutrition & Supplement Expertise

FDN-P®s offer extensive nutrition & supplement training, delivering guidance on dietary choices crucial for optimal bodily function and overall health.

Symptom Correlation

FDN-P®s correlate lab results with clients’ symptoms to pinpoint underlying health issues and develop targeted treatment strategies.

Collaborative Care

FDN-P®s collaborate with other medical professionals including their client’s current GP, offering supplementary insights and care encompassing an integrative approach with openness to all potential treatments with no judgement.

Lasting Wellness

FDN-P®s empower clients to achieve lasting wellness by providing the tools and support necessary for their bodies to heal themselves, striving to be the ultimate destination on their client’s path to optimal health.