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Frequently Asked

General Questions

What does an FDN Practitioner do?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners (FDN-P®s) function as health detectives (private health investigators), conducting comprehensive lab tests and extended consultations to identify upstream causes of illness. They prioritize personalized care, correlating lab findings with clients’ symptoms to develop targeted strategies for addressing underlying health issues through Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management and Supplements. With expertise in nutrition and a non-specific, drug-free approach, FDN-P®s empower clients to make lifestyle changes that support their body’s natural healing processes. They offer remote accessibility and collaborate with medical professionals, ensuring comprehensive care and ongoing support throughout clients’ health journeys. Ultimately, FDN-P®s strive to be the last health professionals clients need to achieve lasting wellness.

How much does a full 90-day program cost with 5 foundational labs?

Hiring an FDN involves two main fees: professional fees and lab fees. The total cost of five foundational labs plus biweekly sessions with Molly typically starts around $3,000 (this can change based on which labs we choose and if the client wants to meet more often). These labs, essential for uncovering underlying health issues, are a form of self-testing, all facilitated by the practitioner. Once payment is received, the practitioner ships the lab kits and sends intake forms to the client. Clients can expect a 90-day program involving biweekly health coaching meetings and comprehensive training to keep them on track and optimize their health journey.

I already have labwork from a previous doctor, so can I still work with you if I want to order only run 1 or 2 labs?

Molly can cherry-pick which labs you may still need and interpret the ones you’ve already done. Flexibility with all the work you’ve done on your health journey before working with Molly is key and she collaborates with other doctors to get the best outcome for the client. Adjustments to the invoice are made according to a customized protocol.